Grotto of Wonderment FAQs

How do I book a ticket to see Father Christmas?

Book online today using our secure booking system. Click the “Book Now” button at


When does Santa arrive?

Santa’s Workshop will open on Dec 2nd and be welcoming visitors until Dec 23rd


How often are the time slots for Santa’s grotto?

Depending on the day, time slots are available every 15 or 30 minutes from 11am to 9pm on weekends and 11am to 7pm on weekdays.

Tickets are available divided into 30 minute time slots. There are 8 tickets available per time slot. If your allotted time is e.g 11:00, you will see Santa between 11:00 and 11:30 along with the other ticket holders in that time slot. (Children will visit Santa individually or as a family, not with the other ticket holders).

You will need to arrive 5 minutes before the time slot you booked to ensure you get the best experience!


What does the visit to Santa visit consist of?

Santa’s Grotto of Wonderment is not a traditional Grotto, this is the first experiential grotto activation of its kind and is designed to create a sense of adventure and a lasting memory with a meaningful gift using theatre and illusion. You and your child / children will be guided through 3 rooms:

  • In the first you will choose the ingredients for your gift and charge them with magic.
  • In the second you will tie your wish in the enchanted forest, find the final ingredient and make your way to Santa’s Workshop.
  • In the third you will meet Santa who will turn your chosen ingredients into the Spirit of Christmas to hang on your tree where it will glow at night and guide Santa to your house.


Please be aware the gift is a meaningful manifestation of the narrative experience as opposed to a purchased toy or item of value comparable to the ticket price. If you are choosing a grotto in order to purchase a toy for your child / children this is not a suitable grotto experience.


How long does a visit with Santa last?

The actual visit in Santa’s grotto will last approximately 3-4 minutes.


Who’s welcome?

Everyone is welcome and, due to the unique production in place, this experience is appropriate for children ranging from 12 and under. It may not be suitable for children over the age of 14. There are plenty of activities in the Enchanted Forest and Amphitheatre that would be more age appropriate.


Why should I book in advance?

It is highly recommended that tickets are pre-booked to guarantee a visit. Booking online is quick, easy, convenient and safe. It’s a stress free way to select a convenient date and time, with a guaranteed time slot, so you are not left disappointed by long queues and over demand at peak times.


When can I make a booking in store?

You may make a booking during normal operational hours, but you may have to wait for one of our elves to be available to make the booking for you. Bookings made online are cheaper than those made offline.

You may want to book on arrival for an experience that day but no guarantees can be made that slots will available on the day you arrive.


How will unsold tickets become available?

If times remain available these tickets will be available for purchase at the workshop, but prices may vary from those online.


How much and what is included?

Ticket pricing is detailed above, each child will receive a gift from Santa they can take home and cherish. Every child entering Santa’s grotto must have a valid ticket and be accompanied by a responsible adult. Up to 2 adults can accompany the child / children for each booking and no charge is made for accompanying adults.


Is there a charge for babies in arms 0-12months?

If the only child joining the experience is between 0 – 12 months you will need to purchase a ticket for one child. If you are purchasing a ticket for a child older than 12 months and need to bring a babe in arms you only need to purchase a ticket for one child.


Once booked can I change the time or day of the visit?

Once booked a total cancellation cannot be undertaken, but it may be possible to transfer your booking to an alternative time slot this is subject to availability and will incur a processing cost.


Can I leave my pram?

The Now Gallery have kindly allowed for prams to be left inside, you can also wait in the gallery if it is raining. The Now Gallery is ~10 meters from the front of the Grotto.


What kind of waiting time is expected?

Booking online minimizes waiting time, we estimate you will wait no more than 10 minutes from after arriving and it is likely you will have to wait no more than 3 minutes. There are 8 tickets every 30 mins. So if your time was 10:00, along with the other ticket holders you would get to see Santa by 10:30. Please note at peak times (weekends and weekdays after school hours) this may vary due to the high volume of people visiting the grotto.


Where is Santa’s Workshop?

Immediately outside of North Greenwich Station


Is there parking?

A number of paid car parks exist on the Peninsula, including a very large car park associated to the TFL Underground station. We recommend you travel by London Underground.


Is there somewhere to put pushchairs?

Sorry, we regret that no pushchairs will be allowed into Santa’s grotto.


Can we bring food or drink into the Grotto?

No. We would ask that you refrain from eating and drinking whilst in the grotto.


Can we take photographs or recordings in the grotto?

No photographs are permitted from being taken inside Santa’s grotto.


Are there toilets?

Yes public toilets are available 20 metres from the Workshop immediately behind the Greenwich Peninsula Marketing Hub.


Is there room for wheelchairs?

For Santa’s Grotto there is disability access with flat surfaces throughout.