Wye Valley Asparagus by Craft London

The Wye valley, in Herefordshire, near the Welsh border, has some of the best asparagus growing conditions in the country, with its light, sandy soil, south-facing slopes and sheltered microclimates. Combine this with a few wild summer plants, and you’ve got a distinctly Mediterranean dish, albeit made from quintessentially English ingredients.

Stevie Parle



– 4-5 Wye Valley asparagus spears


For the pesto:

– 2 large handfuls of nettle tops

– 1/2 handful toasted walnuts

– 5 wild garlic leaves

– Extra virgin rapeseed oil

– Salt to taste



  1. Snap off the tough ends of the asparagus and cook in boiling salty water for one to two minutes.


  1. Blanch and refresh the greens, blend with the nuts, salt and enough oil to make a paste.


  1. To serve, assemble the asparagus onto plates, top with thin slices of lardo, (pork back fat), a few spoons of pesto, a drizzle of buttermilk and a little extra oil.